Cardamom – for lung health

Reduces inflammation 

Excess pollution and toxin exposure can inflame the lining of our respiratory tract. Cardamom helps rescue that. It’s not only cooling and soothing but also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory spice.

Green cardamom (chhoti elaichi) is a culinary spice used in almost every Indian household. While this spice helps impart an amazing flavor and aroma to dishes, what’s lesser know about cardamom is its ability to boost lung health. With pollution reaching toxic levels in certain parts of the country today, we must get back to our roots and search for traditional remedies that our grandmoms have been using for years to combat cough, cold, flu. Let’s talk about cardamom:

Natural expectorant

It is a strong natural expectorant that helps to loosen the mucus and expel it from the respiratory tract. Excess mucous could cause breathing issues and act as a perfect breeding ground for pathogens. Cardamom has an active ingredient called cineole, which is antimicrobial and antiseptic and helps prevent any bacterial infection that could affect the lungs directly or indirectly. This is particularly useful for individuals who are asthmatic, suffer from bronchitis, pneumonia, and have choked respiratory passages.


Cardamom has a strong antioxidant profile that helps combat free radical damage caused by pollution. It inhibits lipid peroxidation and protects from cell damage. The antioxidant capability of cardamom is beneficial for the lung, liver, heart, and associated systems. Antioxidants help stall the aging of the respiratory system. Additionally, it’s a rich source of manganese – a powerful detox trace mineral. By simply boiling cardamom pods with ginger in water, you can make a detox concoction for your liver, lungs, and kidneys.