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Scientific Evidence

Study Title: Evaluation of Recovereez Forte capsules


  1. Recovereez Forte capsules exhibited prophylactic activity against SARS-CoV2 when pre-treated with Vero cell line for 1, 2 and 4 hours followed by infection at 0.1 Mol with an ECso value of 46.5 Hg/ml, 34.9 pug/ml and 19.9 pug/ml and Selectivity index (SI) value of o.90,1.20 and 2.10 respectively.
  2. Recovereez Forte capsules exhibited therapeutic activity when treated with cells infected with SARS-CoV2 virus (0.1 Mol) 1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hour post infection with an EC5o value of 20.4 ng/ml, 21.5 pug/ml and 19.3 Hg/ml with a Selectivity index (SI) value of 2.05,1.95 and 2.16 respectively.
  3. Recovereez Forte capsules when incubated with SARS-CoV2 virus (0.1 Mol) for, 2 hour exhibited virucidal activity against SARS-CoV2 with an EC5o value of 1133.0 pug/ml and Selectivity index (SI) value of o.04.
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Anti-viral Testing Report

Specifics of Product: Drug Molecule
Name of the virus tested: SARS-CoV-2


  1. The molecule showed 75% reduction at 500μg/ml. The viral particle reduced from 106.7 to 106.1
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