What people are saying

Recovereez was suggested to me by a friend who recovered from COVID. I did take it for my cough and throat pain for which I felt relived in a few days.

Jayesh Sreedharan / Idukki

I was tested positive on February 8th 2021 with initial symptoms like fever, body pain and throat pain. I started taking the the elakayre capsule thrice a day from day one of testing positive. Being a diabetes patient I was worried but to my surprise all my symptoms started disappearing by the end of the third day.

Paulson Stephen / 9400542867

I got tested positive on Feb13th. My initial symptoms were intense body pain and fever. I started taking the medicine thrice a day and to my surprise all my symptoms were gone by the third day.

Paul Paulson / 9846598117

I recovered from COVID after having Recovereez capsules for a week. It also helped me feel energetic after I continued it for a month.

John Peter / Thrissur

I used Recovereez capsule along with my COVID treatment. It helped me to recover fast and improve overall health.

Anonymous / Bangalore

Being a completely natural, Recovereez was my go to remedy when I was diagnosed with COVID 19 two months back. Thanks to it, I experienced minimum difficulty and was cured of COVID in a week’s time. It is now a staple supplement which my family and I vouch for.

Lissy Tom / 9845816290